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Calling all solopreneurs, digital nomads and modern-day marketers!  Calling all rebels, revolutionaries and free thinkers.  WE EXIST FOR YOU!

If you're like us, you're hungry for growth, passionate about marketing and committed to evolving as a marketer, an entrepreneur and a leader!

But you want to do it on your terms!  You crave a work-life balance that allows you to manifest dreams without sacrificing sanity.  You work toward building an abundant future without throwing away the the present moment.

We feel you.  We understand you.  We are you.


JOHN BERTINO is a marketer and entrepreneur but most of all a connector!  He's genuinely passionate about networking and helping those around him to make powerful, fruitful, meaningful connections.  In 2012, this love of networking coupled with a love of Southern California gave way to the SoCal Marketing Club.  Today, SCMC looks to bring attendees more than just connections and education but also true inspiration and empowerment.   

The Agency Guy

THE CREATIVE HUSTLER is the dynamic husband and wife duo of Steven Picanza and Melissa Rautenberg.  Join Steven & Melissa [and sometimes Alan] on the TCH Podcast as they celebrate the creative entrepreneur lifestyle by taking a peek into how the most successful and creative badasses stay balanced while growing their businesses, traveling the world, and attempting to enjoy every moment of the journey.

The Creative Hustler

SEER INTERACTIVE  Seer is characterized by the desire to not only be the best group of digital marketing consultants possible, but to help clients and others along the way.  The best teams are made up of strong, smart individuals—each with their own strengths and disciplines. It’s not a hive mentality. It’s about being on the same page together (in this case, literally). We’re always moving forward, but we never forget our roots. Get to know our talented team of digital marketers—the people behind the ideas that drive Seer. 

Seer Interactive

SoCal Marketing Club events

Past Events Jan 26, 2017

EXPERTS PANEL: Branding, in the Age of Digital Marketing… Who Needs it?

It’s not just a sexy headline, we’re going to debate this six ways from Sunday. Look, most will agree that branding is important, sure! But how important?! How much preliminary branding effort is too much? At what point does that focus on positioning and messaging become excessive and a waste of resources? Is building a…

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Upcoming Events Oct 20, 2017

EXPERTS PANEL: Top of the Funnel Marketing – Strategies and Tech

Hey everyone!  The San Diego American Marketing Association and SoCal Marketing Club are teaming up for a digital marketing experts panel on 10/11 at Downtown Works.   Top of the Funnel Marketing – Strategies and Tech Event Abstract:   By any measure, the technology landscape for marketing continues to evolve at a ever-increasing pace. The successful marketer has…

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"This was my first Meetup to this group and felt it was excellent all the way around; opic presentation & presenters, venue, props, laid back atmosphere, organization and execution. What I was really impressed with were the quality of attendees. Varied Class A group of Internet professionals. I look forward to the next one."

Team line  GAVIN, SEO SD


"If you want to learn about internet business, this is the group to ask. I am internet business dumb and felt a little bit better when I left the meeting. I walked away with new contacts and websites to visit for additional information."

Team line  ASHLEY, SEM SD