SoCal Marketing Club gets digital and other marketers together to share experiences and insights into potent, cutting edge marketing strategies.

Our networking opportunities create dynamic alliances. In the past year, we’ve been thrilled to see business owners helping agency reps understand what’s going on in the trenches. That agency rep then shares an app idea that could engage the business owner’s customers. Content marketers talk to search specialists about how Google’s recent update impacts written text. A podcaster may rub shoulders at the bar with an agency that matches sponsors to appropriate podcasts. Our speakers, all top experts in their niches, meet each other, exchange business and even become friends. And this all happens in the first hour!

After we’ve all gotten our fill of drinks and appetizers, we settle in to listen to the month’s speaker. We provide access to some of the top names in search marketing, digital marketing and even offline marketing. In just the last year, we’ve been visited by,

  • Hubspot Superstar Dan Zarella, who discussed the science of social media, bringing a dose of reality to what can be an over-hyped space.
  • SEOMoz's David Mihm, who provided the most current and accurate insights on local search (1 of 3 searches has geographic intent!)
  • John Lee Dumas of the wildly popular Entrepreneur on Fire podcast (that earned $298,195 just in the month of April), to talk to us about monetizing passion through podcasting.

Past and Future Topics Include:

SoCal Marketing Club Topics

While these focus on digital marketing, SoCal Marketing Club finds the top people in all marketing areas, offline included. If you’re just a beginner, rest assured that, as of eight to 10 years ago, we were ALL beginners. With no classes on these subjects offered at the local universities, we learned by reading, listening to Google and through countless webinars — probably much of what you’re doing today. Eventually, we became experts. You can as well! If you need the basics about these topics, feel free to explore our blog.

Now well-versed in the field, we know how to select the most forward-thinking speakers who have demonstrated proven strategies and long-term credibility. We guarantee to provide actionable, tested information and keep our events hype-free. Hosted at downtown San Diego’s craft beer and wine bar 57 Degrees, SoCal Marketing Club includes drinks and delicious appetizers with your ticket. You may even win a door prize! You have nothing to lose but your isolation and limited outlook when you join our mailing list.

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