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EXPERTS PANEL: Branding, in the Age of Digital Marketing… Who Needs it?

Most will agree that branding is important, sure! But how important?! How much preliminary branding effort is too much? At what point does that focus on positioning and messaging become excessive and a waste of resources? Is building a brand at odds with the lean startup methodology? And where does branding end and content marketing begin?


EXPERTS PANEL: Top of the Funnel Marketing – Strategies and Tech

Hey everyone!  The San Diego American Marketing Association and SoCal Marketing Club are teaming up for a digital marketing experts panel on 10/11 at Downtown Works.   Top of the Funnel Marketing – Strategies and Tech Event Abstract:   By any measure, the technology landscape for marketing continues to evolve at a ever-increasing pace. The successful marketer has…

Gary Ware

Storytelling for Better Engagement & More Authentic Relationships w Gary Ware

Would you love to be more of an engaging speaker?  Working at an agency or marketing company it is required that you present with accuracy while showcasing your passion and authentic self. If that isn’t challenging enough you also need to have the skills to read the room so you can adjust on the fly…


Topic Modeling for Advanced SEO with Nicholas Slettengren

Is anyone else sick of being told the key to SEO is to “Create Great Content” ?!?! Marketers know it’s true but simply saying “create great content” or “10x content” gives us little insight and direction as to what it really means to create “great” content – particularly as it pertains to a search engine’s…

Frank Cowell -Systematically Generating Leads and Clients

Frank Cowell on what Gold Mining can teach us about Systematically Generating Leads and Clients: There’s lots of talk about inbound lead generation through marketing automation these days. There’s some really cool stuff happening, but the problem is that we’re getting very distracted by all of the “shiny objects” at our disposal. As a result,…