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At Our Quarterly Events

Mobile 2018: Optimize for Mobile Like a Boss

Mobile indexing is officially here, which means just having a mobile responsive website isn’t enough. Discover how you can optimize your website to rank for mobile searches and surpass your competitor’s rankings with tips from this mobile-first panel sponsored by SEMrush. What’s in store… * How exactly does the mobile-first index affect your business *…

Empowered Women in Digital – INTL Women’s Day Event

It’s 2018 – Get empowered with San Diego’s premier marketing club – Network with other entrepreneurs and marketers – Learn the secrets to living a better life at our March 8th Event.

SoCal Marketing Club December 2017

SCMC Year-End Bonanza *Sponsored by Seer Interactive*

2017 is coming to a close and we’d like to end the year with a party – a bonanza if you will! Our friends at Seer Interactive are opening up a brand-spanking new space in San Diego’s first IDEA District project: IDEA1. What better place to throw our SCMC Year-End Bonanza?

PANEL: How to Scale an eCommerce Business Like A BadAss

We’re bringing the top e-commerce leaders together to help you with sourcing, traction, and distribution. This is the perfect event to discover the next steps to take your e-commerce business to the next level.

EXPERTS PANEL: Branding, in the Age of Digital Marketing… Who Needs it?

Most will agree that branding is important, sure! But how important?! How much preliminary branding effort is too much? At what point does that focus on positioning and messaging become excessive and a waste of resources? Is building a brand at odds with the lean startup methodology? And where does branding end and content marketing begin?