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EXPERTS PANEL: Top of the Funnel Marketing – Strategies and Tech

Hey everyone!  The San Diego American Marketing Association and SoCal Marketing Club are teaming up for a digital marketing experts panel on 10/11 at Downtown Works.  

Top of the Funnel Marketing - Strategies and Tech

Event Abstract:   By any measure, the technology landscape for marketing continues to evolve at a ever-increasing pace. The successful marketer has to not only keep track of the end-to-end customer journey and marketing mix, but increasingly be savvy about how technology can improve execution and feedback loops at each stage. The SDAMA and SoCal Marketing Club invite you to take a deeper dive into the technology landscape for “top of the funnel” marketing activities.

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adam-wagner-headshot-200Adam Wagner - Partner, Head of Strategy, Raindrop Marketing


alan-bush-headshotAlan Bush - Director of Strategy, Ignite Visibility


Donovan Moore -  Account Director at Goodway Group

holly-miller_searchmetrics_200x200Holly Miller - SEO Brand Storyteller, Searchmetrics

Moderated by:  



John Bertino - Partner/CEO, The Agency Guy, Inc


Join us beforehand for a networking cocktail hour, followed by this 60 minute panel discussion from top digital marketers.

Key Takeaways to Include...

1) Get a review of the current technology landscape for awareness and inbound tactics, including search engines, tagging, retargeting, programmatic advertising, social network analysis, and other inbound marketing technologies

2) See how leaders incorporate these technologies into branding, awareness and pre-response tactics.

3) Understand how these technologies continue to innovate



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Tickets:  $30 today
At the Door:  None - we'll sell out!
Parking Info:  COMING SOON

Grub :  YES - Apps and sandwhiches courtesy of Search Metrics!
BEER: YES - Courtesy of
WINE:  YES - Courtesy of California Fruit Wine!
Schedule: (subject to minor changes)

6:00- 7:00 Networking Pre-Party

7:15 - 7:15 Welcome and Intro

7:15 - 8:30 Experts Panel




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Adam Wagner - Partner, Head of Strategy, Raindrop Marketing
Adam is a marketing strategist with experience on national and local brands such as Hewlett Packard, Kaiser Permanente, the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, the San Diego Symphony and Hoehn Motors. He has an enthusiasm for technology that drives him to develop strategies that connect with today's modern consumer. Adam is passionate about helping Raindrop’s clients build sustainable and impactful marketing plans that are tailored to their needs. When not working Adam loves mid-20th century sci-fi books, playing guitar and golfing

Alan Bush - Director of Strategy, Ignite Visibility

Holly Miller - SEO Brand Storyteller, SearchMetrics

Holly Miller delivers SEO insights to some of the world’s largest brands as a member of the Searchmetrics Professional Services team. A true SEO lover, Holly draws her enthusiasm for search from a diverse set of professional experiences in online marketing from communications to creative agency work. Paired with her technical SEO expertise, she’s passionate about sharing her unique professional insight to help marketers improve their customer experience through the use of data.

Donovan Moore - Account Director at Goodway Group
Donovan Moore has held positions in sales, management and specialist roles for some of the largest publishers in the world including Yahoo, Microsoft and Twitter. Now at Goodway, the focus is on what will take our advertising industry into what is arguably going to be the next 25 years of change and growth - programmatic technology.

John Bertino - Partner/CEO, The Agency Guy, Inc

John Bertino is the owner and co-founder of The Agency Guy, Inc (TAG); an agency search firm and consultancy that works with small to mid-size brands on marketing strategy and vendor selection. TAG represents a portfolio of vetted, best-in-class solutions that empower brands, consultants and agencies alike to execute with confidence on digital, branding and creative marketing initiatives. In addition to The Agency Guy, John teaches technical SEO and Content Marketing at the University of San Diego while simultaneously juggling his responsibilities as co-founder and chief event organizer of the SoCal Marketing Club and SEM San Diego