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SEM San Diego September Meeting

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Fifty Seven Degrees
1735 Hancock Street, San Diego, CA (map)

SEM San Diego September Meeting: Landing Page Optimization with Tim Ash
Price: $10.00/per person

We are very excited to announce that Tim Ash, author of " Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions" will be presenting:

The Seven Deadly Sins of Landing Page Design

Changes in landing page efficiency can dramatically improve the profitability of your online marketing programs. Yet most marketing programs focus on traffic acquisition, and pay very little attention to the landing page.

Do your landing pages have severe and fundamental problems? Luckily, many landing page problems are universal and can easily be identified and corrected.

Learn how to avoid the most common landing page sins in this fast-paced & entertaining session with noted conversion authority and bestselling author Tim Ash. Once you are armed with the seven deadly sins framework, you can easily apply these techniques to your own site or landing page to quickly boost conversions and profits.

You Will Learn

· Why less is more when it comes to landing page design elements
· How to align the content of your landing pages with your visitors' expectations
· Techniques for building trust and credibility online
· Tips on clarifying your call to action
· How to ruthlessly edit your text down to simple headlines and short bullet lists

Who Should Attend

CMOs, marketing directors, SEM/SEO campaign managers, online media buyers, affiliate and ecommerce marketers, webmasters & web designers and anyone involved in creating online offers and increasing conversion rates on a website.


6-6:30 Meet and Mingle (Who's frgn who?)
6:30-6:40 Guest Speaker Introduction with Todd Meisler
6:40-7:15 Topic of discussion: Landing Page optimization with Tim Ash
7:15-7:30 Q and A (What does it all mean?)
7:30-7:40 Contest winners (lots of prizes including Tim's Book, pretty damn good odds)
7:40-8 Network (enjoy drink specials and meet fellow business attendees)

Tim Ash is CEO, SiteTuners and Chair, Conversion Conference

Tim Ash is author of the bestselling book Landing Page Optimization, and CEO of SiteTuners, a firm that specializes in improving website conversion rates through landing page diagnosis and redesign, conversion consulting, a/b and multivariate test plan creation, and client training/mentoring. Since 2002, SiteTuners has improved conversion rates for over 1000 clients large and small, including Canon, Google, Expedia, CBS, Sony Music, Facebook, Nestle, Verizon Wireless, Texas Instruments, Cisco, and Coach.

Tim is a highly-regarded keynote and conference presenter, and the chairperson of Conversion Conference - the first worldwide conference series focused on improving online conversions. He has published hundreds of articles about website usability, best practices in landing page design, tactics to improve website conversion rates, and is the host of the Landing Page Optimization podcast on

SEM San Diego Members, You've Been Hooked Up!

Lot's of Prizes for this evening via our awesome sponsors:


1. Tim Ash's book, "Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions"
Two lucky people will win this book. It's great for anyone who wants to know how to test and tune landing pages to improve your bottom line.

2. 5 Subscriptions to "Visibility Magazine"
This is great magazine for website designers and SEO professionals.

3. 5 Subscriptions to "Search Marketing Standard Magazine"
The online marketing resource for business professionals.

4. Fifty Seven Degrees - 2 for one drink special card
Get 2 for one wine.

5. SEM San Diego T-Shirt
One person each month will win this really cool t-shirt! Need I say more?


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Admission: $10

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We hope to see you on the 25th!