Past Events Aug 1, 2016

Storytelling for Better Engagement & More Authentic Relationships w Gary Ware

Would you love to be more of an engaging speaker? 

Working at an agency or marketing company it is required that you present with accuracy while showcasing your passion and authentic self. If that isn't challenging enough you also need to have the skills to read the room so you can adjust on the fly in case the people who you are presenting to aren't connecting with your material.

Gary Ware

If this is something that you would like to improve well you are in luck! 

We will learn from our facilitator Gary Ware techniques that improvisers use to create engaging stories on the fly with no script. This fun and interactive workshop will help you become more engaging so that you can get the results that you are looking for. Your clients and colleagues will thank you.

Five things you will learn 

1. How to be more comfortable and authentic during a major pitch or important meeting 

2. How to become a better listener so you can delight your clients 

3. Exercises that are designed to liven up a meeting and get the participants to connect 

4. A technique that will make any boring topic more exciting, and memorable 

5. A Jedi mind trick designed to make you more persuasive 

Bonus: How to stop being so serious and have more fun 

Learn how to read the room more accurately and quickly adjust presentations. Learning how to NOT oversell. Subliminal marketing techniques for unconscious marketing. Help your clients understand more about what you are saying. Keep clients and coworkers engaged and be more authentic. 

August 25th
6pm to 9pm

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