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Topic Modeling for Advanced SEO with Nicholas Slettengren

Is anyone else sick of being told the key to SEO is to “Create Great Content” ?!?! Marketers know it’s true but simply saying “create great content” or “10x content” gives us little insight and direction as to what it really means to create “great” content – particularly as it pertains to a search engine’s…

Is anyone else sick of being told the key to SEO is to "Create Great Content" ?!?!

Marketers know it's true but simply saying "create great content" or "10x content" gives us little insight and direction as to what it really means to create "great" content - particularly as it pertains to a search engine's perspective. But here's a big clue: TOPIC MODELING

Join on us on 7/27 as presenter Nicholas Slettengren of Power Digital Marketing schools us on what it really means to create killer content and how leveraging the concept of topic modeling can give search marketers a serious leg up on the competition.

nick sletterngren

During Nick's presentation, you'll learn:

• What is Topic Modeling and why is it critical to modern SEO success

• How Search Engines evolved to this point

• How to identify real gaps in content that can make a huge difference in rankings

•  What it means to truly and completely cover a topic

• The role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in today's search algorithms

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- $20 STANDARD ADMISSION - 7/1 - 7/27
- $25 at the door

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Grub :  YES - Pizza or Subs Provided, Courtesy of Search Metrics!
BEER: YES - Courtesy of Power Digital Marketing!
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Schedule: (subject to minor changes)

6:00- 7:15 Networking Pre-Party

7:15 - 7:30 Welcome and Intro

7:30 - 8:30 Nick Slettengren

About Nicholas Slettengren:

Nicholas Slettengren is as an entrepreneur by trade and digital marketer by evolution, with over 8 years of professional agency experience he has gained a national and global perspective on the evolving digital world and is a Founder at Power Digital. Over the years, Nick to develop a score of successful digital strategies for Fortune 500 companies from Pfizer to Proctor & Gamble as well as helping lean startups take flight. With a passion for digital strategy, Nick develops and customizes data driven digital marketing campaigns that positively impact his clients' bottom line.

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Power Digital Marketing:
Power Digital Marketing, a full service digital marketing agency headquartered in San Diego, was born from the "Big Agency" experience but we have taken our skill set and recreated a fresh, customized digital marketing solution for our clientele. By saying goodbye to standardized "cookie cutter" online marketing techniques we empower our clients by learning and understanding their business model online and custom tailoring only the best online marketing verticals to their campaign.

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