WHY BUY MEDIA? Proven Visibility Strategies Without Ever Buying an Ad

RSVP on Meetup! On April 23rd, Steve Olsher will be our guest speaker, here to discuss no-cost visibility strategies. Just for our group, Steve will be giving away free tickets to his event, Internet Prophets Live!, which is on May 15-17th in LA. Steve Olsher is known as the world’s foremost reinvention expert. Famous for…

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The International Search & Social Experts Panel

RSVP on Meetup! Event is not full there are seats available! RSVP HERE at Link below>> Are you interested in selling to non-US markets? Do you have a business that crosses borders and into non-English speaking parts of the world? On Tuesday, March 31st, we have a special event for you! A panel of…

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Leverage Social Media & Increase Search Engine Visibility with Kent Lewis

RSVP on Meetup! In their quest for the most useful search result, Google’s algorithm has placed increasing weight on social media signals including citations, likes, comments, and shares. Brands that have hesitated to enter the social media fracas have paid a price in terms of organic search rankings. Conversely, brands who embraced social early have…

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You, Everywhere, Now! With Mike Koenigs

RSVP on Meetup! Get Noticed, Get Seen & Get Paid More for Your Know-How and Passion in Less than 30 Days with Easy, Affordable Celebrity Marketing Strategies. How would you like to get paid 2x-3x or more for your knowledge, experience, genius and passion that’s already inside you? Are you looking for an easier way…

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SD Marketers Holiday Party (A Multi-Meetup Event)

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL SAN DIEGO MARKETERS! It’s been a great year; one filled with growth and opportunity, hard work and tough decisions. As 2014 slowly comes to a close, we deserve a moment to celebrate our successes, reflect on our achievements, and revel in good company! We cordially invite you to a collaborative holiday…

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